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Creating visuals are my jam, and the only thing more important to me than creating high quality images and great design is making sure that my clients walk away from each project happy with the finished product. This studio is called CustoMYze Me for a reason. Each project is meant to be an expression of you. Custom fit for your ideas, your brand, and your story. The only way to make that happen is for you to be apart of the process from start to finish. So you bring your ideas, I’ll bring my creative thinking cap (and possibly one of my four-legged side kicks) and let’s make some magic happen!

The process

the consultation

The most important part of any relationship is communication. During your consultation spill all the tea. The magic is made in the details.

the creative

Here’s where it all comes together. Whether it be with a camera or to the drawing board you custom experience is in full swing.

the reveal

That feeling you get when you bought that new pair of shoes they’re ready to pick up. That’s exactly what your reveal is like (only mine lasts longer).