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hi there, it’s keva and i can’t thank you enough for stopping by to check me out! i’ve had a lasting and faithful relationship with visual art my whole life. The obscene amount of photos, wall art, and films in my home are enough to fill at least 3 museums, but oh the stories those walls will tell. there’s just something about a still image and the way you can literally freeze a moment in time that always keeps me coming back for more. each image has a different story, and a different meaning to each person who sees it. my experience is different with each new project, so its safe to say my days are never boring.

i created customyze me with the hope of using my love of people and my love of visual art to bring that same experience to my clients. Each and every one of us have a story to tell. whether it be for your business, or your own personal story, its meant to be told, but more importantly it’s meant to be told by you. custom fit for your vision. As your photographer it’s not only my job to help you capture it, but also to capture it in a way that leaves a lasting impression. so drop me a line and let’s get you in the studio. I can’t wait to get started.



your friendly neighborhood photographer

other fun facts:

  • lead by god, fueled by coffee

  • harry potter will always hold a special place in my heart

  • katniss everdeen is my spirit animal

  • all of my problems can be solved with carmellos, a glass of wine, and a movie marathon

  • most days i can be found with one if not both of my pups by my side just in case i need an assistant

CustoMYze Me is the creative studio of portrait photographer Keva Burns. Established in 2016 she created CustoMYze Me with the sole mission of creating high quality visual content that tells an authentic story custom fit for each client. Her love of visual story telling and her dedication to capturing what makes each client unique is the driving force behind her business and the CustoMYze Me brand.

Keva is a self taught photographer with experience in portrait, fashion, and commercial photography as well as graphic design based in Dallas, Tx.